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    FIRST TIME CLIENTS In order to book a custom extension install appointment, a retainer must be paid for in full (non-refundable retainer). *This retainer goes towards the cost of the first appointment. The remaining balance is due the day of the service.
    The first appointment includes:
    - 100% human hair extensions
    - Customized color for blend on extensions
    - Installation of extensions
    - Cut to blend hair
    - Style

    The initial appointment can range from $200 - $1500, depending on extension hair color, length, type, and the amount needed to reach your desired result.
    The total price is narrowed down during consultation. This is based on where your hair is currently and what is needed to get your personalized flawless look.

    MAINTENANCE APPOINTMENTS Your extensions require adjustments every 6-8 weeks. Maintenance appointments are a bundled price which includes:
    - Removal or move up of extensions
    - Reinstallation of extensions
    ***Maintenance appointments do not include a shampoo+blow dry, unless booked with a color service. Please come with clean, dry hair***
    Maintenance/Adjustments: $85 - $300. This does not include the cost of color if needed for the natural hair, or the extension pieces.
    Extension hair must be replaced every 6-12 months with new hair. Please note, the longevity of hair varies person to person and is dependent on how well you take care of them. Suggested at-home products are required for the most longevity. You may choose to replace a few pieces every other appointment instead of full investment of all new hair.
    How you care for your hair at night, when pulled up, and when heat styling or working out with greatly impact the lifespan of your extensions.
  • HEAD SHOT & INSPIRATION PHOTO Follow the instructions to upload your current photos. This is the final stage of the application and also the more important!
    1. Must be a photo of your current hair.
    2. Use your cell phone.
    3. Have someone else take these photos of you, if possible (no selfies).
    4. Take photos in natural light indoors (no flash, no direct sunlight).
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